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Welcome to our educational pages !

Every Tuesday in April, we publish unique industry matrial here. Enjoy a weekly dose of knowledge from mcr edu.

Natural smoke exhaust products, i.e. almost everything that you were not afraid to ask the sellers.

What is the opening angle of smoke exhaust vents?

Single leaf smoke exhaust vents are opened to an angle of min. 140 °. Double-leaf smoke vents are opened to an angle of min 90 °.

The hinges are mounted on the longer side of the vent.

Can the vents from the Mercor offer be used on pitched roofs?

Yes, the vents can be placed on pitched roofs. Maximum roof pitch - 30 degrees (mcr Prolight vents).

When installing vents on pitched roofs, place the base in such a way that the vent hinges are at the lowest point of the roof:

Does Mercor have smoke vents without thermal bridges with roof access option?


Mercor offers smoke vents without thermal bridges (vents mcr Ultra Therm) that combine two functions in one device: smoke exhaust and roof access.


The 24 V- electric actuator is moved to the side of the vent, leaving a clear opening of min. 70 cm*. The use of wind deflectors is not recommended in this case because of the damage risk.


These vents are CE marked according to EN 12101-2. Mercor offers smoke exhaust vents mcr Ultra Therm with a roof access function in the following types and sizes:


- smoke exhaust vents mcr ULTRA THERM NG-A 80/120, NG-A 90/120, NG-A 100/110, NG-A 100/120, NG-A 100/130, NG-A 100/140, NG-A 100/150 , NG-A 110/110, NG-A 115/115, NG-A 120/120, NG-A 125/125, E 80/120, E 90/120, C100, C105, C110, C115.


The mcr ULTRA THERM vents in the standard version with a centrally mounted actuator, without wind deflectors, with side length > = 160cm, also provide a roof access.


The clear opening between the actuator and the vent side is min.70cm*.


*depending on the type and size.



What support should be provided for the self-supporting mcr Prolight rooflight?


Standard manufacturing of the rooflights (bases of rooflights) should be supported along the perimeter of the rooflight or on each corner and at maximum intervals of 3m.

There is a possibility of adjusting the base of the rooflight to support at every corner and at a maximum spacing of 6 m, in which case the base will be made of thicker metal sheet, so-called self-supporting base. This should be defined when ordering. In this case, it should be noted that the base of the self-supporting can only transfer loads to the roof structure from the rooflight, and cannot transfer loads from the roofing.



What are wind deflectors and what are they used for?


The wind deflectors are an additional element of the smoke vents, increasing their active aerodynamic area (by covering the roof opening from the wind). They are made of aluminium sheet and mounted to the site of the vent base.

The wind deflectors are installed in pairs:

- in the corners of the vent base opposite the side on which the hinges are mounted (vent mcr PROLIGHT, mcr ULTRA THERM type C, E, NG-A),

- alongside the base where there is no hinges mounted (mcr PROLIGHT type DVP, DVPS vents).


The height of the deflectors depends on:

type of smoke exhaust vent,

nominal size of the smoke exhaust vent,

base height,

additional equipment used in the product - inlet deflector.

The wind deflectors can be painted in any RAL standard colour.

What is the inlet deflector and what is it used for?


The inlet deflector is an additional element of the smoke exhaust vent, increasing its active aerodynamic area (abbreviated to Aa according to EN 12101-2), always used in combination with wind deflectors. It is made as standard from galvanized steel sheet. The bottom edge of the inlet deflector is 70 mm below the bottom edge of the vent base. The inlet deflector can be painted in any RAL standard colour or made of aluminium sheet or stainless steel.

In order to avoid damage, the inlet deflector is mounted in the so-called transport position - above the bottom edge of the base. After installing the smoke exhaust vent on the roof, the inlet deflector should be lowered to the working position.

Is it possible to choose the height of the base of Prolight products?

The mcr PROLIGHT smoke vents have active aerodynamic area specified in the test reports (abbreviation Aa according to EN 12101-2) for 2 base heights: min. 300 mm and min. 500 mm.

The maximum height of the base is limited in the classification report to 700 mm.

It is possible to manufacture vents with base heights other than 300 and 500 mm, also lower.

In addition, it is possible to take into account the height of the upstand under the vent (provided that identical dimensions are maintained) in total height of the base for the purpose of determining the active aerodynamic area:

This means that we can manufacture a vent, e.g. with a base height of 200 mm, place it on a 150 mm upstand (existing on the construction site) and determine for such a set the active aerodynamic area as for a vent with a minimum height of 300 mm.

Technical possibility limit the minimum base height to 200 mm, the top limit is 700 mm as described above.

Can wiring ducts be made in mcr Prosmoke ST steel fixed curtains?

It is possible to make wiring ducts thgough the mcr Prosmke St steel fixed curtain. Wiring ducts in the curtain are made at the stage of assembly at the construction site using a steel duct sealed on both sides, mounted to the curtain with angle profiles. The size of the duct should be adjusted to the wiring , and according to the Operation and Maintenance Manual its maximum dimension is 600 x 300 mm. If there are round pipes instead of wiring, there should be made a square duct with dimensions about 10 mm larger that the diameter of the pipe. For more information, please see the mcr Prosmoke ST Smoke Curtains Operation and Maintenance Manual.