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mcr EXi-F in preventing smoke from entering the staircase | Mercor

Statistics show that as many as 95% of fatal cases are caused not by the fire itself, but by smoke inhalation.
The most important aspect of safety is therefore to ensure fresh air on escape routes.



New edition of the technical guide - Construction protection

The range of solutions for structural protection consists of many modern materials and products that cover the need for custom solutions in the field of passive fire protection.

Mercor’s Sealing System

The mcr Polylack Elastic ablative paint, the mcr PS swelling collar, the mcr PS-25 swelling band and the mcr Dunaseal sealing tape

mcr iXega pro - fire detection and alarm control panels and control panels for fire protection devices

The mcr iXega pro control panel is designed to detect and signal fire, as well as control devices and their monitoring in smoke and heat control systems

Energy storage in an energy cooperative will ensure savings?

The subject of activity of an energy cooperative is the generation of electricity or biogas or heat in renewable energy source installations and balancing the demand for electricity or biogas or heat

How to choose the right fireproof spray depending on the type and location of the fire?

mcr Tecwool F belongs to the group of so-called fire-retardant light sprays, i.e. those with a low density of the spray mass. It is intended for buildings where it is required to increase the fire resistance of structural elements exposed to standard (cellulose) fires.