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MCR Tech Lab, responsible for the development of new technology in the Mercor Group. and providing innovative applications for the fire protection industry, implemented a system for monitoring the opening status of smoke exhaust vents and monitoring dust for the ROSSMANN drug store chain.

We implement the idea of Fire Safety 4.0, which is based, among others, on: about wireless communication, mobile devices, access to applications and data in the cloud, or artificial intelligence. We believe that the use of these technologies has significantly increased fire safety, creating safer cities, factories, warehouses and company headquarters. That is why we are extremely pleased that such a recognized company as ROSSMANN has chosen MCR Tech Lab to implement the dust monitoring system and to monitor the opening status of smoke vents as a test - says Bartłomiej Bartczak, President of the Management Board of MCR Tech Lab.

The implementation of the MCR Tech Lab system for ROSSMANN at the company's headquarters in Łódź first included the configuration and installation of an external access gate (GATEWAY) with a dedicated signal amplification antenna.

The goal of the gateway is to collect data from sensors installed on the facility and send them to a network server. Data transmission takes place via the LoRaWAN protocol.


The overriding goal was to monitor the level of dust in order to detect dust in the air in the service area of warehouse trucks. As part of the order, three dust sensors were installed to detect dust in the air. The sensor measures the concentrations of: particulate matter (PM2.5, PM4 and PM10), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), atmospheric pressure, lighting, temperature, humidity, and noise level. MCR Tech Lab additionally offered us wireless smoke vent opening sensors, which were then installed in one of our warehouse buildings. Each opening of the damper is recorded and, depending on the purpose of the damper, an alarm, or information about the opening is issued. Monitoring of the hatch opening status and graphical visualization is available in the web application and the mobile version. This installation is currently in the testing phase. In my opinion, MCR Tech Lab is a team of people with great potential and knowledge. I recommend contacting anyone looking for innovative solutions in the field of maintaining technical installations of facilities.