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mcr iXega pro - fire detection and alarm control panels and control panels for fire protection devices

The mcr iXega pro control panel is designed to detect and signal fire, as well as control devices and their monitoring in smoke and heat control systems. So full a key role in the proper operation of systems that guarantee the safety of people staying in buildings persons and property.

The control panel alarm procedure is started when a threat is detected by the detectors alarms, manual call points (ROP) or monitoring modules. Then mcr iXega pro signals

Fire alarm, and also activates signaling and fire protection devices, implementing the programmed  ne fire algorithm. It also transmits alarm and fault information to the monitoring center or building surveillance system.

The mcr iXega pro control panel works with devices and systems such as: control panels, smoke exhaust control panels,

power supplies, pressure differential systems, alarm transmission devices (UTA), transmission devices (UTU), sounders, building supervision systems (BMS), fire damper actuators, linear actuators, weather stations, valves, holders, fixed extinguishing devices, detection centres gases, sound alarm systems, ventilation units, gate and door controllers

fire protection systems, elevator controllers, pneumatic control units, access control systems, synoptic boards, information boards, video monitoring systems.