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MTB Pomerania Marathon

We are proud to announce that Mercor and the ASE Technology Group are the main sponsors of the MTB Pomerania Marathon mountain biking competition, which will take place on April 16 in Barłomin (Luzino commune). Picturesque Pomeranian routes of varying difficulty levels await the participants: from the easiest ones for the youngest cyclists to the most demanding ones for experienced riders.

We decided to get involved in this series of events because we believe in its potential and believe that it is worth promoting physical activity. At the same time, we want to emphasize that sport is not only health, but also passion and joy from the activity performed. The patronage over the MTB Pomerania Marathon is part of our wider proactive and pro-health attitude. Every year, we participate in the Make Kilometers for Gdańsk campaign, promoting ecological and environmentally sustainable transport. We have also created changing rooms for cyclists and a bicycle repair station at our company's headquarters, thanks to which we support employees who decide to choose a zero-emission means of individual transport.

Thanks to our support, the organizers of the MTB Pomerania Marathon will have more opportunities to organize an event at the highest level. For the competitors, it will be a great opportunity to compete with the best and win valuable prizes, as well as enjoy the beauty of Kashubian and Kociewie nature.

More information can be found at We invite you to participate and support. See you in Barłomino!