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Modern waste monitoring system | mcr TechLab

Waste management in Starogard Gdański will be much easier and more efficient - all this thanks to the recently implemented container full sensor system.

mcr Tech Lab sensors monitor the level of waste on an ongoing basis, allow to optimize the frequency of waste collection, and this contributes to reducing the costs of transport and storage of waste.

The implementation of the waste monitoring system in Starogard Gdański included the installation of sensors in 10 containers for segregated, bio and mixed waste. mcr Tech Lab sensors have sealed housings, are resistant to dust, pollution, water and mechanical damage. Their important feature is independence from external power sources. The task of the sensors is to control the level of filling of garbage cans, saving in the Skey Network blockchain provided by Caruma and sending this data to the waste management system. An inseparable element of the system is also a communication gate, which was installed on the roof of one of the buildings. Such a mounting location allows for efficient communication with all sensors that are located within a radius of up to 2 km. Data transmission takes place wirelessly in a dedicated band.

Modern systems that monitor the filling level of garbage containers allow for much more efficient collection of waste - only when it is necessary. Thanks to such implementations, unnecessary trips to collect waste can be avoided when the containers are still largely empty. Situations in which containers are overflowing are also eliminated. Systems of this type are perfect for housing estates, hospitals, hotels and urban space.

The implementation in Starogard Gdański took place thanks to the support of the Polish Development Fund. The "Giełda Miejskie Technologii" program enables obtaining financing for similar purposes.