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Mcr FID B – the first MA type fire damper in Mercor's offer

The mcr FID B cut-off dampers are intended for installation in manually or automatically operated fire ventilation systems. The mcr FID B fire dampers are used in fire ventilation systems or in mixed systems combining the functions of fire ventilation and comfort ventilation.

The devices prevent the spread of fire, smoke and fire gases to adjacent zones. During normal operation of the system, the damper partition is in the open or closed position, depending on the function of the damper. In the zone covered by fire, the damper partition moves to the open position, in other zones the dampers are closed. The damper partition can change its position during a fire - MA feature, depending on the needs of rescue teams and the fire scenario.

The advantage of the dampers with the MA feature is the versatility of use, because they can also work as dampers with the AA feature. The advantage of using dampers with the MA feature in a building is the ability to fully control the operation of the fire ventilation system of the building during rescue and firefighting operations by appropriate and authorized services. The system based on the above-mentioned hatches is very flexible, thanks to which the safety of people staying in the facility where such a system has been designed improves.