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Collaboration for security

PZU LAB Approved is the first fire protection certification system in Poland based on global benchmarks. Even the best security and fire protection systems can fail if they are poorly installed or not maintained regularly. The PZU LAB certificate guarantees safety.

We were the first to sign a contract with the largest insurer in Poland. We are convinced that the PZU initiative for enterprises means increased security, protecting business against fires and emergencies. Lower loss ratio is also beneficial for the insurer. For us - companies producing and supplying fire protection - the market for servicing our products opens up. This is a potential huge qualitative change to improve safety - says Krzysztof Krempeć, President of the Management Board of MERCOR S.A.

The knowledge and experience of PZU LAB engineers will really improve the safety of Poles. We want to do this by introducing the highest fire protection standards, recognizable thanks to the PZU LAB Approved certificate, into common use. The PZU LAB certification is a response to the needs of the Polish market, which is struggling with the problem of the effectiveness of fire-fighting equipment in industrial facilities, public buildings and apartments. Unfortunately, it often turns out that the devices that should save our lives and property are out of order - says Dariusz Gołębiewski, Vice-President of PZU LAB SA.

I am sure that thanks to the holistic approach of our engineers to fire risk issues, in a short time the PZU LAB Approved mark will be identified with quality and reliability, which is fundamental in the case of safety. Our experience shows that not only the devices themselves, but also their installation and ongoing service determine the effectiveness of the systems when it is most needed. This is what the idea of PZU LAB certification is supposed to serve - security management where it is the most technically and business-efficient - adds Tomasz Huś, President of the Management Board of PZU LAB SA.

The PZU LAB SA system is distinguished by a comprehensive certification procedure. The certificate covers not only a single item (e.g. fire extinguisher or fire door), but the entire installation with a full life cycle, i.e. production, distribution, design, assembly and maintenance. Such an approach is of key importance in a market where PZU observes irregular, mandatory servicing of systems and devices, aggressive price competition and cost cutting at various stages, which adversely affects the quality and effectiveness of security systems.

The "PZU LAB Approved" logo, as a sign of quality and safety of the solutions used, will be visible on detectors, fire doors, fire extinguishers and other elements of fire protection systems that have been certified.