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What’s new in ventilation? News in Mercor offer.

Dry installation of mcr FID PRO dampers with mineral wool
Low-resistance cut-off fire dampers mcr FID PRO are designed for comfort ventilation systems. They are mounted at the place where those systems pass through vertical and horizontal building partitions. The mcr FID PRO dampers have also been tested and are certified for so called dry installation in vertical building partitions. This solution involves using mineral wool instead of mortar as it is in case of wet installation.

Advantages of dry instalation:
- No need to use the mortar - shortening the assembly time, because installer does not have to wait for the mortar to dry
- Easy installation
The following pictures show the comparison of examples of mounting the mcr FID PRO fire dampers in various types of building partitions using mortar and mineral wool.

Fig. 1. Example of installation in lightweight walls made of plaster cardboard with mortar or mineral wool

Fig. 2. Example of installation in a concrete or masonry walls with mortar or mineral wool

Fig. 3. Example of installation in a solid walls with mortar or mineral wool

Installation of the mcr FID S/V or mcr FID S/V-M dampers in batteries

Mercor has introduced another new product to its offer, namely a fire damper battery. This solution is based on direct connection of the mcr FID S/V or mcr FID S/V-M dampers on their sides, which form the so called battery/multiple module. Fire and mechanical tests of batteries of dampers were performed and based on them CE certification was obtained. Batteries of single-blade fire dampers mcr FID S/V or mcr FID S/V-M intended for multi-zone fire ventilation systems are classified in class EI120 (vew i ↔o) S1000C10000AAmulti.

According to the approval documents, the mcr FID S/V battery of dampers may consist of two or three mcr FID S/V or mcr FID S/V-M dampers. The dimensions of a single damper in a battery can be from 200x200 to 710x1500mm.

The dampers installed in the battery have a vertical axis of rotation. Each damper is equipped with an individual actuator, which can be mounted either on top or bottom of the damper.
Advantages of mcr FID S/V battery of dampers:
- certified assembly
- larger active surface with smaller dimensions of the solution
- full range of controls
- installation in rigid walls and shafts (solid, concrete)
- possibility of using the control mechanism mounted on the top or bottom of the battery

Batteries of dampers can be installed in vertical, rigid building partitions. These partitions can be solid (walls, shafts) or made of masonry blocks. The minimum thickness of the partition is 120 mm. It is also allowed to install battery of dampers in walls and shafts, which in order to achieve their smoke tightness (S) - are additionally lined with fireproof (prefabricated) board.

Selected examples of battery of dampers installation

The space between the dampers in the battery should be filled with mineral wool with a density of min. 100 kg/m3 and fire reaction class A1. The batteries are bolted using C-profiles. It is possible to build any multiple sets, consisting of several batteries built of two or three dampers. In this case, keep a distance of 200 mm between the batteries as shown in the figure below. This drawing shows a multiple set of four batteries of dampers.

Fig. 5. Batteries of dampers combined into multiple sets

Picture below shows an example of a battery consisting of three mcr FID S/V dampers mounted in a fire ventilation system.

Fig. 6. The mcr FID S/V battery of dampers mounted in the fire ventilation system

Installation of mcr WIP PRO/V dampers on smoke extract ducts - Ved feature confirmed by CE certificate

The Mercor offer now includes mcr WIP PRO/V dampers designed for installation on smoke extract ducts. They have a new Ved feature confirmed by CE certificate.

This is the first solution of this type in Poland. Based on the fire and mechanical tests carried out, the mcr WIP PRO/V dampers received the EI120 (vew i↔o) S1000C10 000AAmulti and EI120 (ved i↔o) S1000C10 000AAmulti classification.

According to the approval documents, the mcr WIP PRO/V fire ventilation dampers can be installed in building partitions, shafts and smoke extract ducts (EN 1366-8, EN 1366-9), in which individual dampers have dimensions from 110x263 to 1250x1250 mm. Thanks to the multi-blade construction and the small thickness of the dampers, they can be installed in shallow ducts or vertical shafts.

The mcr WIP PRO/V dampers are intended for use in fire and mixed ventilation systems (mcr WIP PRO/V-M version), which combine the functions of fire and comfort ventilation.

An example of mcr WIP PRO/V damper’s installation on a fire ventilation ducts is shown on a picture below.

Fig. 7. Example of the mcr WIP PRO/V installation on fire ventilation ducts in accordance with EN 1366-8

Fig. 8. Example of the mcr WIP PRO/V installation on fire ventilation ducts in accordance with EN 1366-8 or EN 1366-9

New series of frequency converters used in mcr OMEGA pro power supply and control units

The mcr OMEGA pro power supply and control unit is designed to supply and control devices included in smoke and heat distribution systems, such as: jet fans, smoke exhaust and supply fans, as well as to control and supply drives of fire-fighting devices, e.g. curtains, fire dampers, etc. The mcr OMEGA pro control panel has a modular structure and its specification is adapted to the requirements of a given project.

A frequency converter can be one of the components of the mcr OMEGA pro control panel. It is used to control the operation of electric motors where speed or torque adjustment is required.

Mercor currently uses the new Eura E810 frequency converter model in the mcr OMEGA pro units. It is characterized by a small and compact design. Installation and usage is simple. It has built-in applications, which means that frequency converter is ready for use immediately after installation. Due to the wide power range, the frequency converters of the Eura E810 series are widely used in fire ventilation systems of various sizes.

The frequency converters of the Eura E810 series are equipped with a built-in EMC filter, which effectively limits the interference emitted by cables in electric motors.

Communication with Eura E810 frequency converters is carried out via the Modbus RS485 protocol.
Power and control boards located in the frequency converter are painted, which protects the E810 drive electronics against adverse effects of the working environment.


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