• mcr Tecwool F - spray protective mortar system for steel, reinforced concrete and bricked structural elements of building structures

    mcr Tecwool F spray mortar is used for fireproofing steel structural elements with opened and closed sections, reinforced concrete elements, as well as reinforced concrete ceilings on troughed sheet, and beam-and-hollow brick indoor floors. mcr Tecwool F additionally features very high acoustic insulation properties, which makes it perfect for use as an acoustic plaster.

  • mcr Isoverm 825 - spray protective mortar system for steel elements of building structures

    mcr Isoverm 825 is used for fire protection of steel structural elements indoor and outdoor building objects.

  • mcr Polylack W - intumescent paint system for fireproofing of steel building structures

    mcr Polylack W water-based intumescent paint system is used for fireproofing of steel structures inside building objects.

  • mcr Multicollar – universal fireproof collar

    mcr Multicollar is designed for fireproof protection of pipes made of plastics, including: PE-HD, PE, ABS, SAN+PV, PP, PVC and PVC-U, PB, PE-X/AL/PE-X, PVC-C, PVC-HI, PP-R/AL/PP-R, of diameters up to 200 mm, at points of penetrating these installations through vertical and horizontal building partitions.